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The Evil Within 2 will have more content than its predecessor

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The Evil Within 2 is slated to be one of the best horror releases this year. This sequel will once again lead detective Sebastian Castellanos to face his worst nightmares. On this occasion, he will do his best to rescue his daughter Lily, whom he believed to have been dead for several years.

During a recent interview, John Johanas, director of the game, talked about what we can expect in The Evil Within 2, especially in terms of game mechanics and content. During an interview with Game Informer in its October 2017 magazine (issue #294), the director assured that the title will have a system of exploration and secondary content improved, this with respect to the first title of the series.

“Union isn’t filled with survivors and there aren’t a lot of official missions to take on number wise, but some survivors you find will give you hints or small tasks to do which will, in the end, make your chances of survival a bit higher,” Johanas said referring to the ruined town where the story of the game will take place.

Later, the director talked about how we will explore this location of the mind of Lily: “A lot of the optional tasks you find are actually more freeform. Sebastian has a communication device which picks up resonances left within the world. As you explore, you’ll suddenly get a burst signal, which may lead you to something worth checking out,” said Johanas.

However, the director said that these resonances do not always lead to good things, so we must act with care.

According to Pete Hines, Vice President of Bethesda, this installment of the series will feature a very deep narrative. On the other hand, the title will have a system of progression thanks to which we will increase the skills of Castellanos.

The Evil Within 2 will debut on PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC on October 13.