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The Evil Within 2 for Nintendo Switch might not be ported

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Shinji Mikami, the creator of Resident Evil and now linked to The Evil Within 2, revealed in an interview that he would like the new horror game to come to Switch. This generated high expectations in the fans and owners of the new console of Nintendo because it would not be something rare if you take into account the great support that Bethesda is giving to the system.

However, today everything fell apart as Mikami himself stated that it would be difficult for this to happen.

In an interview conducted by Express Online, Shinji Mikami changed his thinking and considered that The Evil Within 2 would not be a fit game for Switch due to the type of screen of the Nintendo console and the way the horror game was thought to enjoy.

At the beginning, the creative made it clear that he is not the one who decides if a game is published on a certain platform or not and that is the work of Bethesda. However, his opinion on a version of The Evil Within 2 on Switch is not encouraging: “I think something like Evil Within is best to experience on a big screen. I think switch could be good for horror, but the horror should be designed for the Switch.”

In this way, Mikami has lowered the expectation that there is a probable arrival of The Evil Within 2 to Switch, although he leaves open the possibility making it clear that the decision would be in the hands of Bethesda. So we will have to wait for the time and conditions to know if it can be a reality.