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The Evil Within 2: How to change difficulty levels and Unlock Classic Mode

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If you are playing The Evil Within 2 for the first time, be sure to select the most appropriate difficulty levels. In this mini-guide, we want to explain how to change the level of difficulty and how to unlock the “Classic” mode.

Starting the game for the first time, you will be able to choose between 3 different levels of difficulty, each featuring particular conditions:

• Casual – This is the level of difficulty suggested by developers, ideal for those who do not want to waste time with inventory management since it will be completely absent. Drops will be more frequent and it will be easier to eliminate enemies (assisted support will also be present). You will also have the ability to escape from enemies, which will make gaming experience less punitive.

• Survival – The perfect choice for horror survival lovers looking for a particularly high degree of challenge. Resources will be limited, but finding new ones will not be very tedious. In this case, support will also be provided for the assisted purpose.

• Nightmare – According to the statements of developers’, this level of difficulty lies between the Survival and Nightmare of the first chapter. Resources will be very limited and you will be forced to use crafting on different occasions. The assistive purpose will be deactivated.

Try to choose the most appropriate difficulty levels based on your horror-survival experience. If you cannot decide between the two options, we suggest you choose the highest one, as the game will allow you to change the difficulty in the middle of the adventure. This means that if you started at the survival difficulty level, then you can change the difficulty level to Casual but not to Nightmare.

Finally, complete the game for the first time, you will unlock a new mode called “Classic”. This is all about a new level of difficulty, much more extreme than the three standard variants, characterized by the following restrictions:

• Automatic rescue will not be available during the game;
• You can save game for up to 7 times;
• No upgrades for Sebastian or equipment, you will have to face the whole adventure with the initial stats without the possibility of evolving them.

As the name suggests, the Classic mode of The Evil Within 2 looks like survival horror experience without compromise, a difficulty level particularly punitive that will test your skills.

It’s no coincidence that you will only be able to play it with adventure once you’ve gained enough confidence with the game and with the mechanics. So, are you ready for this challenge?