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The Evil Within 2 could be announced at E3 2017?

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Last year it was rumored that The Evil Within 2 might appear in E3 2016, but it was not. There are now several evidences that could be anticipated for the possible announcement of the title in E3 2017 and we have collected them in this article so that you can judge for yourselves if The Evil Within 2 will be announced or not next week at the most important video game fair of the world.

As we have discovered through the forums of NeoGAF, Tango Gameworks, developer of the first title of The Evil Within, has updated its website for the first time in a year. The funny thing about this update is that it has added a private page protected by a password, which is requested by The Guardian (the villain with a safe in the head of The Evil Within), which can not yet be accessed. Logically, this makes us to think that it hides information about a new game in development.

On the other hand, The Evil Within is currently the daily offer of Steam, is now available to get with its full version for only €9.99. An offer that draws special attention as we have only five days left after the start of the Bethesda conference at E3 2017 and the company could have decided to lower the title with the aim of preparing us for a possible second title.

Of course, all this is mere speculation, but the fact that Tango Gameworks has added a secret page to its website and that Bethesda has lowered the price of the first title of The Evil Within on Steam, leads us to think that The Evil Within 2 is under development and will be presented in E3 2017.