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The Elder Scrolls VI will be revealed when ready

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Five years after the release of Skyrim, fans of The Elder Scrolls are dying to see where exactly Bethesda is going to take the next installment. Unfortunately it seems that much time is left for this to happen, because the game will be revealed when it is ready to debut.

The Elder Scrolls V

This was confirmed by Pete Hines, vice president of marketing and public relations of Bethesda, in a recent interview with PC Gamer website. Hines said that everything they do from the perspective of marketing has some impact on developers, so they prefer that the game comes as a surprise.

“The motivation came from both sides. Anything we want to do from a PR-marketing perspective always has implications on the devs, right? Whether that’s trying to capture video or trying to put together a demo: it’s an additional ask above and beyond just working on the game,” said Hines.

So, Hines made it clear that we will not hear details of the upcoming The Elder Scrolls years before its debut. Thus, we see that the company will present a situation similar to what we saw with Fallout 4, a game that was announced a few months before its debut in November last year.

On the other hand, Hines said that the only reason which confirmed that The Elder Scrolls VI will exist is that he was tired of being questioned about it. As you know, a few days ago the member of Bethesda said that this project is still not developing, so it is better not to wait up.

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The good news for fans of The Elder Scrolls is that waiting for the next installment will not feel so long thanks to the relaunch of Skyrim. The RPG of 2011 will hit Xbox One and PlayStation 4 in a remastered version with official support for mods.

Do you prefer to know about the existence of a game years before launch or you like Bethesda’s strategy? Tell us in the comments section below.