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The Elder Scrolls VI Setting Has Been Already Decided

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Following the release of The Elder Scrolls VI teaser, at E3 2018, there were 2 questions essentially: where will it be set and why should it be announced if it is still in the early stages of its development? Director Todd Howard replied – strictly in his own way – to both.

Besides knowing the launch window of The Elder Scrolls VI, Todd Howard would also like you to be aware of the region in which the next title will be set in the series. Actually, Bethesda would have already established it for a long time.

“Bethesda has settled on the region The Elder Scrolls 6 will be based in. And it was decided “a while ago”, explains Todd Howard said in an interview to Eurogamer. Asked about the possibility of deducing the setting from the E3 2018 teaser, the director stated the following: “I obviously would say yes, but you can’t – it’s intentionally… You can rule some things out. And you can rule some things in. The first thing we do is the world so we’ve known for a while where it’s set.”

When asked if The Elder Scrolls VI could be set in the Hammerfell region, as suggested by some fans, Howard merely responded with a smile, saying that no such statements can be made at this time.

Finally, as already explained after the Los Angeles conference, the director reiterated that The Elder Scrolls VI and Starfield have been announced to reassure fans, assuring them that Bethesda will continue to support the single player games that it has accustomed us to.

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