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The Elder Scrolls Online Imperial City DLC download now available for Xbox One and PlayStation 4

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The Elder Scrolls Online Imperial City DLC download finally comes on Xbox One and PS4. This is the first full DLC that offers a variety of new content. Below are the lists of new features this game has. There are lots of new things that players can test out. Like a new PVE and PVP Content. There are around 6 different districts to discover. There are also new dungeons and new quests. The official website offers a lot of detail on the same.

The Elder Scrolls Online Screenshot
The Elder Scrolls Online Screenshot


  1. New PVE and PVP Content  Featuring six distinct Imperial Districts, battle against the forces of Molag Bal as well as the other Alliances.
  2. Additional Dungeons – The extensive Imperial Sewers network offers new PVP and PVE challenges for small groups of adventurers, while White-Gold Tower and Imperial Prison challenge PVE adventurers with both Normal and Veteran difficulties.
  3. New Quests, Enemies, and Characters  Whether participating in massive PVP battles in the Imperial Districts or adventuring in one of the new dungeons, players will be introduced to new quests and enemies, including the Xivkyn.
  4. Additional Weapons, Armor, and Currency – Fight the forces of Molag Bal to plunder Tel Var Stones, a new form of currency you can use for exclusive Veteran Rank 16 weapons and armor, or search for new Treasure Vaults containing other rare finds.
  5. Imperial City-Exclusive Collectibles and Items – Exploring Imperial City or visiting the Crown Store will reward the player with a host of new collectibles including pets, mounts, costumes, and polymorphs!

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