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The Elder Scrolls Online DLC ‘Imperial City’ download available for PC on August 31, for Xbox One and PS4 on September 15/16 2015

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The Elder Scrolls Online DLC ‘Imperial City’ is announced and will be coming at the end of this month for Xbox One first and then after two weeks it will come on PS4. Below is a short trailer of this new online content that can explain you a bit about the new upcoming content. The game offers a new place to explore with some more additional content. It looks pretty impressive from the video below. There are also some really tough characters to deal with. There are some amazing things in the new online content. With this there are also a lot of coming soon items. Like Mind Shriven Horse 2200 Crowns and Soul Shriven Pack 700 Crows. There is a announcement about ESO Plus Membership that would give you a lot of new things.

The Elder Scrolls Online Screenshot
The Elder Scrolls Online Screenshot

The Elder Scrolls Online DLC ‘Imperial City’ Description:

Molag Bal and the forces of Coldharbour have taken control of the crown jewel of Cyrodiil: the Imperial City. The Elder Scrolls Online: Tamriel Unlimited’s first DLC game pack features hours of compelling story content, expanded Veteran Ranks, a new currency for new epic gear, two new dungeons, never-before-seen monsters, craftable item sets, and more.

Imperial City Features:

  • A sprawling PvP/PvE space, including the six imperial city districts
  • Hours of compelling story content and side quest
  • Two all new group dungeons, each with normal and Veteran versions
  • Twl Var Stones – a new currency for legendary armor
  • The Xivkyn racial motif style and new craftable item sets
  • Imperial City-themed collections