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The Elder Scrolls 6 Could Release Before 2021, Zenimax Resolving Redfall Trademark

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As reported in February, Bethesda is currently engaged in a lawsuit for the use of the Redfall trademark, a term that could be compared in the official title of The Elder Scrolls 6. The battle in court could last at least until 2021, but it seems that the situation may be resolved very quickly.

According to some leaked documents, ZeniMax Media (owner of Bethesda) and BookeBreeze (owner of the Redfall brand) recently agreed to delay the hearing and it seems that the two parties are trying to agree privately to resolve the situation with a legal process of the possible duration of two or three years.

It seems that both sides are very interested in concluding the affair as soon as possible, in particular Zenimax, which could then launch The Elder Scrolls 6 Redfall before 2021, assuming that the game can be ready for that time window. The objective, in any case, seems to be to avoid leaving everything in the hands of the bureaucracy.

Bethesda may need an AAA title to be launched as soon as possible on the market, with Fallout 76 not receiving much reception from the fans, the publisher may now feel the need to publish a game with a commercially successful success such as The Elder Scrolls 6.

According to other rumors, the company may have accelerated the development of Starfield, with the first details on the game already arriving during the PAX East in Boston, scheduled for the end of March.