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The DRM War between Game Developers and Pirates

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Recently launched new Batman game, attracted a lot of critics due to its new Anti-Temper protection. Game developers are trying their best to protect their digital content from Pirates. Video games are one of the most highly targeted content on WWW. Companies spend million in making , and pirates release a crack version too early that hamper major revenue. It looks this is a between game development company and pirates, won’t end so soon. Denuvo is the new Anti-Temper technology that makes pirates hard to modify game content. A few games were protected by Denuvo were released in the past year. This includes FIFA 15, Lords of the Fallen and Dragon Age: Inquisition. These games perform really well. But recently when Batman Arkham Nights was released, and occupied almost 100% of the CPU power, gamers were badly pissed.

It is sad that even after having a very high end gaming pc, this game lags. It’s heart breaking. As per the discussion on forums and community this issue was due to the DRM. That consonantly tries to encrypt and decrypt data on the hard drive. This hampers overall system output. It keeps the hard drive engage all the time and with that CPU has to work more. A few players on official forums has also posted that this puts a huge impact on SSD’s life too. So it is a bit obvious that no one want that their hardware get damage or has any problem due to a paid content. RockSteady pulled the game back and now they are working on a new version. Hope this thing goes well and gamers does not lose their confidence on new games.

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