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The Division’s microtransactions revealed on PlayStation Store

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The first owners of The Division playing for a few hours may be discovering the streets of Manhattan in the game. But that’s not all. They may also be subject to a fee to get the first DLC packs for the game.

While taking a tour on the PlayStation Store and on Xbox Games Marketplace, it can be seen that the first two DLC packs for The Division is now available. The first, called as “US Marines Outfit Pack” on PS4 costs £3.99 and allows the character, as its name suggests, to take the appearance of an Marine avatar with “four camouflaged uniforms.”

The Division US Marines Outfit Pack

The second pack, titled as “Military Specialists Outfit Pack” also gives access to four additional outfits (Delta Force, Pilot, Explosive Ordnance Disposal Technician, or Sniper look). As the first pack, the latter is also sold at £3.99.

The Division Military Specialists Outfit Pack

To believe the site of Xbox Games Marketplace, many other DLC packs containing additional outfits will be commercialized by Ubisoft. The Microsoft website does not allow to discover their prices though.

If these contents are clearly not intended to assist the player in his progression, it is well and truly that these microtransactions is kept for progressing in the game. We must therefore believe that Ubisoft community manager was not informed when he said that there would be no microtransactions in The Division.

Also note that there will be 3 DLC add-ons of The Division in the coming year, which will be containt in the Season Pass, as mentioned. The game will also receive free updates in April and May that will add 2 end-game raid-like activities and player trading.