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The Division will not have microtransactions, Ubisoft confirms

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Ubisoft recently confirmed that Tom Clancy’s The Division will not conceal microtransactions, based on the fact that it will not matter to purchase content to have advantages over other players.

The Division Screenshot
The Division Screenshot

This is the final stretch before the launch of Tom Clancy’s The Division, the title is scheduled for release next week. This third person shooter focused on multiplayer is rather awaited by lovers of cooperation and the fan of persistent universe.

We learn that the game will not include microtransactions. Indeed, Natchai Stappers – Ubisoft community manager – confirmed on Twitter “there will be no microtransactions and absolutely no pay to win”.

Also, the publisher has chosen not to create a rift between the players by adding items to buy in-game. In this way, online games will be more accurate. However it remains to be seen whether these microtransactions will not be added in a second time, as was the case with Payday 2 for example.

Recall that the final version of Tom Clancy’s The Division will be available as of March 8, 2016 on PC, PS4 and Xbox One.