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The Division Servers Down on PS4 and Xbox One

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At the time of this writing, many gamers who are trying to play The Division game are having trouble logging in the server and play the game online on the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. The infrastructure does not seem to work and while trying to start the game you get the different errors like “Delta 20010186” or “Sierra 10710167”.

The Division Server Down

These issues do not seem to afflict the owners of the PC version, the inefficiency is only affecting players on gaming consoles. Ubisoft has not given any statements by the company accounts of the game, but it is highly likely that the developers are already working to bring the situation back to normal.

One answer might be to Turn OFF the console and the router for atleast 15-30 seconds, then Turn ON the whole thing and then try again to connect.

Also recently, some players were reporting a Black Screen Bug in The Division. Immediately after the start of the game, players were getting black screen with only the sound running in the background (indicated by the famous Ubisoft intro sound). The cause of the problem is an error in entering the full-screen mode and can be solved easily: Press Alt+Enter. This forces the game to run in Windowed mode; Now you should see the playing surface. Press Alt+Enter again and now you are in the “repaired” full screen mode this time. We assume that Ubisoft will resolve this cosmetic bug that discourages some gamers, using a small patch.

Let us know in the comment field if you are having problems connecting to the server.

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