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The different types of betting – which do you prefer?


We all love a flutter, whether it’s for the chance to win some money or the thrill of taking a risk, we are all likely to experience it at some point. Some people prefer to chance their luck on casino games like roulette and craps, while others prefer predicting the outcome of sporting events; either way, there are plenty of opportunities to gamble, particularly in the modern era.



One of the most popular methods of gambling is sportsbooks, where you can bet on a variety of different sports and events and their outcomes. Take for example football and the Premier League, you are able to bet on a variety of different outcomes such as the winner, teams to finish in the top four and teams to be relegated. This is just one of many different bets you can place on Premier League outcomes.

On top of this, you can bet on individual matches within a sport and in football, can bet on who will win, the score, how many corners there will be and whether or not there will be a penalty. Some bookmakers also offer you the choice to build your own bet, where you can mix a combination of different events from one match and they will provide you with odds on it.

Some also provide odds on political events, with Brexit and anything to do with Donald Trump often available.


The popularity of casino games has risen incredibly since online gambling has become available, primarily due to the fact that with online casinos, people are able to play from the comfort of their own homes. Their popularity has only increased since mobile casino apps have been introduced with players now being able to play their favourites games wherever they are, provided there is a good internet connection.

Blackjack and roulette remain the most popular casino games to play online, which is most likely down to the simplicity of such games over craps and baccarat. Blackjack also has some of the best odds for players against the house, making it more appealing to those wanting to make a profit.

The live versions of such games has only increased the popularity of online casino games, as they provide a more authentic casino feel for players.


Although technically a casino game, there is much more skill in poker as well as being a game played against other players, rather than against the house. Less for the amateur gambler and more for the poker enthusiast, the game requires the players to read their opponents to try and work out how good their hands are.

Looking for tells each time they have a good hand and each time they have a bad hand is an invaluable skill that the top poker pros have mastered. While the luck of the draw plays its part in your success – there’s no point having a two pair after the river if you fold to someone who has bluffed you into believing they have a better hand.


A game that is popular up and down the UK, amongst both men and women, bingo is one of the most fun games to gamble on. Bingo is one of the most sociable games out there, with friends often playing together either in bingo halls or online and the unique bingo lingo only serves to make it more fun.

Which one sounds like your cup of tea? Maybe you’re looking for something slightly different. If you are, then check out –