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The Devil All the Time: Trailer Released for the Most-Awaited on Netflix

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Robert Pattinson and Tom Holland are the leads of a starry ensemble in The Devil All the Time. The movie is directed by Antonio Campos and Jake Gyllenhaal happens to be one of the producers. Here’s the most awaited trailer you got to check out for going through a pool of emotions:

The film features talents like Mia Wasikowska, Sebastian Stan, and Bill Skarsgård. If you’ve already read the novel of the same name, written by Donald Ray Pollock, you’ll know what to expect from it already. For those who haven’t, it revolves around a life of a preacher, a couple, and sheriff that darkly gets intertwined with a boy named Arvin Russell. The character Arvin is played by Tom Holland and the story is depicted in the Knockemstiff town of Ohio.

The heart of the story revolves around why and how people from two points on a map without connecting on a straight line come together. If you’ve seen the trailer, you can tell from the voice you’ve heard. It is been said over a montage of landscapes across the small town and also shows the important faces of the characters to explore.

What does The Devil All the Time trailer reveal?

The trailer shows that Arvin’s father is dead and the boy knows what his father did. As soon as that’s revealed there is a character violently suffocating a man’s face into the mud. The trailer then quickly moves onto the rough characters that work around the plot. It also hovers around places like the woods, a lake, a cemetery, and then a church.

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We then see the camera landing on Robert Pattison as the preacher delivering scriptures to the followers. The camera quickly shifts to Arvin talking inside a car and saying that the man isn’t a preacher and claiming, “he’s as bad as they got on the damn radio”.

The trailer swiftly moves onto a women’s hand lighting up a match that was figuratively struck on a burned-out field and we see a forest full of crosses.  Moreover, the visuals are backed by voice-overs stating, “when they look back on it, they had no other choice.”

Pattison as the preacher clearly seems to have started something “delusion”. Quickly, the people of the small down go from unsettling to corrupt; they are now overpowered by sin.

Soon after we see murder, alcohol, sex, guns, and more. It seems like a thrilling trailer that matches well with the audio and visuals. The end of the trailer reflects Arvin saying that he needs to do something as he has to do it and not because he wants to. It keeps the excitement highs and makes you start imagining what it could be.

Final thoughts

The Devil All the Time is an awaited psychological thriller that not only interesting mail leads and support cast, but also includes names like Jason Clarke, Riley Keough, Harry Melling, Pokey LaFarge, Haley Bennett, and Eliza Scanlen. Moreover, the scripted version of the novel has been co-written by Paulo Campos and Antonio Campos. Randall Poster is another producer along with Max Born and Riva Marker. You can stream it on Netflix from September 16.

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