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The Crew – Wild Run: The secrets of a wild journey Trailer

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The Crew – Wild Run is going to release in November 17, 2015. A trailer is released in Gamescom 2015 that offers you a glimpse on the gameplay. But it does not tell much about the game. The trailer offers you a short intro on the different vehicles and the type of game it is going to bring this time. Ubisoft has released a new Gamescom trailer detailing what its open-world “CarPG” The Crew will be getting between its Wild Run expansion and future updates. It would be a lot better if the game developer can provide some kind of gameplay video that can explain things in more detail to us.  The Crew – Wild Run is a driving game that offers different vehicles like cars and motorbikes this time. The new edition brings up three new classes of cars. They are Drift Vehicles, Dragsters and Monster Trucks. The video shows up stunning graphics. It is more detailed and realistic.

The Crew Wild Run Images
The Crew Wild Run Images

It would be worth checking out the game after release. For a racing game the quality of graphics matters a lot with detailed environment. But with that it also increases the requirement of a better graphics card. The game focuses on next generation console. That means it is not going to come in older platform. Yet there is no confirmed news on the same. But let’s hope that it would evenly release on all platforms. As far as we know, the game is going to release on Xbox One, PS4 and PC. The launch will be somewhere in the month of November.