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The coronavirus vaccine can take two years for making it a full-fledged cure- sources from the lab

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As every part of the world is scrambling to get back on their feet, all the while trying to curtail the pandemic. It is an uphill task for the researchers and scientists to work out a cure so fast. It has to be effective enough to provide long term benefits to the injected person. Many countries are working day and night to work on the vaccination as well as cure. At present, experimental plasma therapy is the last-ditch effort to get a breakthrough in trying to beat the virus.

The virus spread got worse through transport and travel by people. Which got the whole world to succumb to the COVID-19. Now you can’t just wait for a miraculous cure to come from nowhere, and in the history of the modern world would be the first time that so many people and countries are affected at the same time. Most of the volunteers are very few and in-between and they aren’t sufficient to save so many lives at a go. Hence thinking of bringing the situation to normalcy would be a long stretch.

Now we have to work on developing a safe and effective coronavirus vaccine. The number of doses to be made is incomprehensible as the whole world needs them. And it has to be made very quickly because we have to create a broad immunity for the virus. It’s a daunting task ahead. This mammoth task has been like no other when the whole world is fighting to put the coronavirus behind and get back to normalcy.

coronavirus vaccine:

Keeping the economy closed for days will create a huge impact on developing economies of the world. In many countries, human resources play a huge role in driving the economy. But since the COVID-19 has impacted these resources, it’s brought many markets crashing.
Till an alternative to finding a cure, perhaps we could just stick to getting a vaccine ready on our hands. The timeline is fast, and you know it’s never been done so before, but there is no option left either. The need to persevere and work on the ground situation that we have to deal with, we have to begin the clinical trials early.

The process of making a coronavirus vaccine involves a minimum of eighteen months to two years. When the disease target is picked, a vaccine has to be created and tested on animals before it can be tried on humans. The safety of humans is paramount. We don’t want to make a drug-resistant virus in the process and be more damaging to humans.

The vaccine has to work on the safety and efficacy aspect before it could be used on humans. Even vaccines have minor side effects because they are a weakened virus. That is ingested into the bloodstream, so the mild fever is our body’s response to fight against the virus. Also, create the antibodies that are so required for you to fight the virus if it gets to you.
The trials show you the efficacy of the vaccine, and each time the success rate may vary. You would have to work on it.

Three phases in which the coronavirus vaccine trials are checked for efficacy:

– Phase one would be the safety trial. You would have to check this onto a small group of healthy volunteers and trying out dosages of varying strengths. So that we could create the most robust immune response for the lowest effective dose with minimal side effects to the person
– Once you get the right formula in place, you would have to move onto phase two of the trials to check the vaccine on the people who are intended to get it. This time around, the scale of people who are getting the vaccine is bigger. The demography of the people is varied with people of different age groups, and health statuses are included

– Phase three takes a bit of time because the number of people getting the vaccine is also large, but these are the people who are more susceptible to get the disease. Here there is a wait and watch process to see how it works on them

When the vaccine has passed through the trial phases. It is then the manufacturing pharmaceutical companies await the government agency’s approval to go ahead to make it in bulk. It is the usual process for any vaccine developing, but now we have just compressed the timeline and hope we end up making an effective vaccine in the end.