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The Coma: Recut will release on PC and Xbox One in addition to PS4

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The distributor Digereti and the developer Devespresso Games announced that The Coma: Recut, a remastered edition of the Korean horror game The Coma: Cutting Class, will also be available on Xbox One and PC, in addition to the recently released edition for PlayStation 4.

For those who did not know anything about this title, The Coma: Cutting Class is a Korean survival horror game that was released on PC in 2015 and received good reviews from players on the Steam platform. Now, the remastered version will include new animations, mechanics, and scenes, as well as new gear in this new title.

In the story of the game you play Youngho, a South Korean student who falls asleep at the end of his examination and wakes up trapped in a twisted and haunted version of his school; In addition, while you try to find a way to escape you will be chased by a psychotic killer.

The problems begin when Youngho realizes that he is not alone and that a murderer follows in his footsteps. Players should try to evade the psychopath while searching for a way to escape, through hallways and terrifying classrooms.

As they explore the different areas of the school, players will find notes and clues to discover the story behind the walls of Sehwa High.

On the occasion of its announcement, the studio has distributed the first trailer of the game below: