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The Binding of Isaac could release on Nintendo Switch

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The Binding of Isaac is on its way to Nintendo Switch, at least as suggested recently in a publication on the official blog of Nicalis, the creators of the game.


In the words of the developer Tyrone Rodriguez, the next pack of downloadable content for The Binding of Isaac, called Afterbirth+, will come to PlayStation 4, Xbox One and “one more console” soon.

Rodriguez said that they are already working on these ports, and unfortunately there will be versions for Wii U and PlayStation Vita. He also noted that the game will be ready in spring 2017. If we consider that these platforms are discarded, the most reasonable option would be to think that “one more console” where The Binding of Isaac will be available is Nintendo Switch.

It is not very clear why Nicalis avoided mentioning the name of the system, but it is possible that developers are restricted for some privacy agreement with Nintendo.

Recall that Bethesda has also tried to evade, unsuccessfully, the announcement of Skyrim for Switch. A few weeks ago, Bethesda said that – despite having appeared in the trailer revelation of Nintendo Switch – Skyrim was not confirmed for that platform. Last week, the game director Todd Howard has made some comments suggesting otherwise.

In a recent interview with Glixel, the developer talked about the new Nintendo console and along with saying very positive things about it, practically confirmed that Skyrim will come to Switch.