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The Biggest Upcoming Events in the WSOP Online Circuit

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The World Series of Poker, or the WSOP, is one of the biggest tournaments in poker. However, it is not just a single game but several events, and there might be some that you want to miss and some you want to check out. Here are some of the biggest upcoming events in the WSOP online circuit that you might want to check out – whether you are a player or just an observer.

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WSOP Satellites

The WSOP satellites are online games that allow players from all over the world to come together to play games. These can have lower buy-ins than some of the other games, and can offer chances for new players to find their feet at the tournament table and learn to avoid common poker mistakes.

However, one of the primary reasons to play in a satellite tournament is for the prizes. Top prizes can often be entry to a bigger event, or buy-in chips that could help you gain access to a different game. These can cover any of the styles of poker that are played at the wider tournament – including No-Limit Hold’em, Omaha, Stud – and more.

$50 Bracelet Buy-In

The crowning glory for many is the bracelet games of the WSOP. Though some massive cash prizes can be picked up from the games at this tournament, many people are more focused on playing for a bracelet. They have been given out at the WSOP tournaments since 1976 (except for 1982 when winners got gold watches) and there are plenty of opportunities for players to pick up a bracelet nowadays.

One of the most interesting chances to grab a bracelet can be found in the $50 buy-in game. Players will be able to play this at official WSOP partners like GGPoker and gives them the chance to grab a bracelet for a much lower buy-in than we would typically see. This means that players will be able to get their hands on one of the most coveted prizes in poker for a fraction of the buy-in of other games. It is a brilliant opportunity first introduced in 2020, and it is great to see it back again this year.

WSOP Super Circuit

May of 2021 saw the Super Circuit take place, and it will be great to see this come back next year. These games take place online and are a brilliant chance for players to try out their skills in a competitive setting, since poker is a very pure form of competitive gaming. The 2021 Super Circuit offered some brilliant prizes, so we should hopefully be able to see some more emerging in the future.

One of the best prizes that you can grab at the Super Circuit is the Circuit rings. These are similar to the bracelets, and many consider them to be a great complement to the bracelets. Grabbing a Circuit ring is going to be as much of a fight as claiming a bracelet, but there are lots of chances to do so across the Circuit’s games. You might not feel ready to join in some of the bigger games, but the Super Circuit could be a great way for you to test out your skills.

These are three of the biggest online circuit events that you are going to want to tune into as a poker lover. The WSOP always offers a lot of action and interesting plays. Even if you do not feel like you want to join in as a player, you should still try to find a few streams and keep up with the games. These are some of the premier events in poker, so make sure you don’t miss them!