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The best video compressor 2020

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Part 1: Why do we need video compressors?

Compressors are great tools that help in reducing file size to create more storage space. When you have several high-quality video files accommodating them and finding enough storage space is difficult and here comes the role of video compressor tools. There are different types of these desktops, online, and other programs available that offer compression along with added functions. Check the features, pros, and cons of these programs and choose the one that best matches your requirement. 

Part 2: The best video compressor for the year 2020- Wondershare UniConverter

There are myriad options available when it comes to video compression tools but selecting the right one is important to ensure that files are processed without any quality loss. Wondershare UniConverter is one such tool that allows video compression at high speed and without any loss of quality. Videos in all popular formats can be imported to the program interface and there is option browse and add single files at a time or a complete folder as required. Free try Online UniConverter.

There are two ways by which you can compress the videos using the software- default settings selected by the software and selecting file parameters manually. 

When you choose to compress the files automatically, the compression settings are selected by the software. The other way is to manually choose the file size and accordingly the bit rate changes. There is also an option to select the output file resolution and the format. The compressed and the processed files can be saved to the desired location at the system or can also be managed from the program interface. 

Steps to compress videos using Wondershare UniConverter:

Step 1: Select Wondershare compression feature

Launch the installed Wondershare UniConverter software on your PC and from the left side panel on the main interface select Video Compressor option

video compressor

Step 2: Import videos to be compressed

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Click on the + sign to browse and import the local videos to be compressed. Multiple files or an entire folder can be added here or you can even drag and drop the files.

video compressor

Step 3: Choose file size, resolution and format

The added video appears along with a thumbnail image at the program interface. Click on the settings icon and a pop-up window called Your preferred output size will open. The slider next to the file size will let you choose the desired file size and accordingly the file quality and the Bit Rate will also change. You can also select the output file resolution and the format. 

The above settings can be done for all the files individually. 

Note: If you do not want to select file size manually, you can skip this step

video compressor

Step 4: Compress added videos

The location on the system where you want to save the processed files can be browsed and selected at the Output tab. Finally, hit on the Compress button next to the video to start the process. Once the compression is complete, you can check the files on your system or from the Finished tab on the software interface.

video compressor

Part 3: Additional supported features of Wondershare UniConverter 

Wondershare UniConverter supports several other functions related to videos and other media files. Listed below are some of the major ones:

  1. Convert: With a wide range of video formats available, the need for conversion arises quite often to make the files compatible with different devices and players. Wondershare software supports more than 1000 formats and device pre-sets to facilitate conversion in almost all formats. The conversion process is quick and the files are processed without any loss in quality. With batch processing, multiple files can be converted at a time. 
  2. Edit: With the built-in editor of the software, the file customization and personalization is not only quick but also hassle-free. The major editing features supported by the software include trim, watermark, crop, effect, subtitle, and audio. 
  3. Burn: To create a physical backup of your digital files, the disc burning feature is supported by the software. The digital files in almost all popular formats can be burned to a DVD, Blu-ray, DVD folder, and ISO files. To make your disc look interesting, you can add a background image or a music file and there are several pre-defined templates available as well to choose from.
  4. Download: For offline playback of your favorite movies, videos, and other content from streaming sites, the software support video download from over 10,000 sites including YouTube, Vimeo, and many more. You can download the videos as well as audio files from the online sites and there is also an option to download an entire Youtube playlist. You can even choose the format in which you want your downloaded files.
  5. Record: To record the live screen, webcam as well as audio from your system, Wondershare is an excellent software to use. So whether you want to record a lecture for later reference, expression of your friends over a video call, tutorials, or any other live session on your system, use the Record feature of the software. 

In addition to the above, Wondershare UniConverter also supports audio conversion, video compression, merging of the files, transfer of files to an array of devices, GIF creation, VR converter, and more. Almost all types of video editing, conversion, compression, and other requirements can be easily taken care of by Wondershare UniConverter.