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The best recorder for pc: Just install and Enjoy

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The most basic computer screen recorders will do precisely this, they save every movement on the screen in a video, in some cases even recording the audio or giving the possibility to insert a shot from the webcam in a corner where you can comment in the first person. It is useful for saving videos that not downloaded for recording a game (and maybe uploading the video to Youtube as some famous ” Stars ” do) or for creating tutorials to share with someone to explain, step by step. How do you do something? In this article, I’ll try to describe the best recorder for pc this year.


Getting know: The best recorder for pc in 2020


best recorder for pc

There are many possibilities to record videos from your desktop computer (on Windows, Mac, and Linux PCs), with free solutions that are more or less simple and full of advanced options.


  1. Without installing other programs, you can try the built-in game recording feature of Windows 10 first:

This feature doesn’t work on everything, but it is very simple to try and requires no configuration. To record the screen in Windows 10, you just have to open the start menu, start the app call Xbox and then, leaving this application open in the background, press the Windows-G keys together to record. A message will ask if there is a game on the screen and, answering yes, shows a bar with a record button just to press.

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After stopping the recording, the video saved in the user folder of the videos. Unfortunately, in some cases and on some PCs, it will be written that the system requirements for the recording function are missing, and the key will be disabled.


2)Camstudio: The best recorder for pc

The best program to record the screen on the PC considered Camstudio, open-source, and free for everyone, although unfortunately not updated since 2013. Camstudio is one of the few programs without limitation and completely free, which allows you to save recordings in AVI format on your PC, without time limits, even with audio.


3) Ezvid:

Ezvid is another program to create videos by recording the screen, already described in detail in a dedicated article. Thanks to its interface, Ezvid is very easy to use, with a built-in basic video editor, which also allows you to add images, change the video playback speed and make overlapping annotations. David also supports uploading videos to Youtube directly and adding comments to the video using the microphone.


4) Icecream:

Icecream Screen Recorder is another convenient alternative to record the screen of your Windows PC and Mac. With a free version that should be sufficient for most people. It allows both to record videos from the desktop and the webcam.


5) APowerSoft:

APowerSoft is a website that works without downloading anything and allows you to create screen recordings. The possibility to select the area of ​​the screen to be recorded. To acquire audio and video at the same time. Even add annotations while recording.

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Conclusion on the best recorder for pc

If we are an online marketer or tutor, sometimes we need a recorder for recording something. But we can’t find the best quality of recorder that is free. As a result, we are facing problems. I’m facing this problem too. In this post, I was trying to give information about the best recorder for pc. If you have more information, you may know me as well.