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The best Netflix series – You must watch in 2020

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Netflix has given strong with the Top 10 series and movies, but we know little Esquire, and so we got a more extensive pelín rankings with the best series of 2019 and 2020, which is hot. As it is a choice that afterward involves many hours of pleasure or frustration, we will strive to propose the best of the best of the series available on Netflix, either original or purchased from other networks. We set it up in a ranking plan so that you can fight back with desire, because the arguments, we already warned, are very personal. In this article, I’ll describe the best Netflix series this year. Are you excited? Then let’s get started.



Getting know: The best Netflix series in 2020

Here are the top 5 the best Netflix series is given below.

the best Netflix series


The construction of Versailles by order of Louis XIV in 17th century France is the common thread of this historical drama of palatial intrigue. The opening chapters are of glorious Rococo excess, overwhelming in costume and set design, which is stunning. That luxurious and lustful start and the connections with the ‘historical truth’ lose a bit of bellow in the following seasons, with turns in the most typical characters of a lavish soap opera, but the visual spectacle is still visible.


The Last Kingdom

Based on The Saxon Stories, Bernard Cornwell’s novels, it a medieval drama set in 9th century ‘Britain.’ It tells the story of Uhtred of Bebbanburg, the son of Wessex nobles who kidnapped by Danish invaders and raised. Over the years, it seeks to retake its place and participate in the birth of a nation, but always carrying a significant conflict of identity and loyalties. It is very suitable as a substitute for Game of Thrones if Vikings are no longer enough to satisfy the monkey. Or what is the same, you will like it if you go the series of macho men who solve their Shakespearean dramas with a clean ax.



It is at number 50 on the list not for quality but because it is the last one we are seeing. And we like it more than expected. Freud is not a traditional biopic on the figure of the father of psychoanalysis. Still, it works almost more like a thriller with Victorian echoes in the style of The Alienist or Penny Dreadful. And that’s good and bad: the positive is that the eight chapters . It have a careful rhythm that engages with an adult pulse and, at times, quite daring; the negative is that it breathes that air of European co-production, which always suffers from the soul and creative concretion.


The Witcher – the best Netflix series

A world full of monsters out of novels and a successful video game. That is the starting point of one of Netflix’s. The  most ambitious series in terms of production, with the almost existential obligation to become the new Game of Thrones. Yes, there are parallels, such as the fantasy-medieval setting, the relationships between kingdoms, more or less complicated mythology.


You – the best Netflix series

Can a bullying story approached in the format of a romantic comedy? You show that yes, you can. Another thing is that it is a good idea. Because that starting point is undoubtedly the most attractive part of this proposal. But at the same time, it is its weakest point. Because it forces the viewer to assume a good roller coaster and a dance of tones that become quite impossible. When it reaches certain limits. If you continue to like it from the third chapter, it continues because it goes to more. If it happens to you as it does to us and more than smart,. You find it annoying, almost better to move on to another.