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The Best and Worst of Microtransaction Video Games!

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Technological advances change everything! Yes, online transactions are not currently limited to buying and selling online but are already expanding deep into the gaming world. You don’t have to move from your house to earn money, in daftar judi slot you can earn some money so you can buy some game, purchase rare items, even unlock the most challenging levels. Gamers can buy it all through digital retail services, such as the App Store, Google Play Store, Steam, PlayStation Network, and Nintendo e-Shop. That’s microtransaction, a small transaction that uses real money to buy intangible assets. Yu can earn extra money by playing poker online, so you can buy many games as much as you want it. Microtransaction has been a controversy on various gaming community discussion forums. Indeed, game developers deliberately “force” their players to purchase existing items for the game to continue. It’s a Pay to Win!


Pay to Win VS Cosmetic Models

This is the basis of microtransaction converters that are often questioned by many people. The game developers created the Concept of Pay to Win, where you will be forced indirectly to spend an amount of money to continue the game to the next level. Of course, this has been a lot of controversy and heated talk by the game’s community; it is very detrimental to the players. But not all game developers use such a concept; there is a cosmetic model term on microtransaction. Cosmetic models state that players will never pay to earn an advantage in the game, but instead only pay for characters, costumes, dances, and other things that change the avatar’s look.

Four Best and Five Worst Games in Microtransaction Implementation

Microtransactions will be considered acceptable as long as they are not forced to buy anything and do not hinder various game advances. That’s the cosmetic model, the microtransaction model that doesn’t affect the game’s progress. This game makes you able to practice your skills without any interference with the purchase of microtransactions. Here are the four best games in microtransaction implementation:

1. League of Legends

League of Legends is the best game, with over 8 million players implementing in-game purchasing correctly and wisely. This game will not hinder its players’ progress or take unilateral advantage as a result of in-game purchases. Yes, the game purely applies a cosmetic model, and players will feel proud of the game design that developers create.

2. Fortnite

Fortnite should not be missed in the list of games that apply the best microtransaction. The microtransaction applied is almost entirely the same as League of Legends, wholly cosmetic model! Its players will spend their money on online transactions to change and upgrade appearances and other elements, without hindering the game’s progress. This is a fair game, skill, and strategy, ultimately affecting the progress of the game.

3. Farmville

Games were legendary in its day when Facebook’s online games still dominated online gaming. Rumored to have declined in popularity, Farmville still provides the best experience in playing it. Referred to as Freemium games, Farmville can offer a free gaming experience while delivering money-consuming options. Although freemium games sometimes stop the game’s progress, microtransaction is only a time-reducing “upgrade,” and other game advances are entirely down to existing skills and strategies.

4. The Witcher III

This popular game based on Andrezj Sapkowski’s fantasy novel has a microtransaction system that doesn’t interfere with your gaming experience and doesn’t force you to pay anything. The developer of this video game, CD Project Red, strongly opposes microtransaction that inhibits the game. The Witcher III is the best game that uses microtransaction just for extra content.

And This is The Five Worst Games in Microtransaction Implementation

1. Star Wars Battlefront II

If before the game launch, video game lovers are looking forward to Star Wars Battlefront II launching soon! They’re willing to wait for a thrilling storyline, great multiplayer gameplay, and powerful graphics, which show the hallmarks of Star Wars. But in the end, gamers are greeted with disappointing gameplay, where they have to get a “booty chest” for the progress of their game. Sure, loot boxes must be purchased for real money at unaffordable prices! Loot chest makes this game as Pay-for-Win


Loot boxes are one of the bad causes of microtransaction. EA, the famous game Battlefront II developer, made a fatal mistake in their FIFA game. FIFA Ultimate Team (FUT) is one of the loot boxes containing teams and potential players, such as Ronaldo and Messi. Of course, this will hinder the game’s progress, unless they want to spend the money. Professional FIFA players who manage to build a great team on average should spend about $27,000. That’s fantastic value!

3. Train Simulator 2015

Train Simulator 2015, with limited track and train models, makes microtransaction terrible for the game. If you want to open all of them, you’ll have to spend more than £4,400! Compare it to practicing with a real train; the cost will be the same!

4. World of Tanks

Lousy luck befalls this game, where the player abandons the game. Yes, lousy microtransaction! They put limits on tank engines at every level, making them give up. The players are required to buy all the elements to help save their tanks.

5. Fallout 76

Fallout 76 gives their game a bad microtransaction, leaving many players just left it. Coupled with various bugs, this game is nicknamed the deadly game.

That’s a brief explanation of the ins and outs of microtransaction in a game. The perfect match is a game that is the ultimate requirement to win a challenge with only skill skills, without any purchasing intervention.