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Terraria Patch 1.3 with new content download now available

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Terraria is a simple game that helps you to walk through the land of mystery. This game will help you simply to do a lot of things. The game was released very long back, but now it is getting a new patch that brings new content in the game. The patch version is 1.3. This new patch is having some new additional content which will make the game a bit more exciting and might give you a reason to play it back again.

Terraria Game Screenshot
Terraria Game Screenshot

If you are not aware with the game plot, this game helps you to do various things on an open world. You can build shelter, collect resources, and do much other stuff. The game itself has more than 300 different weapons of magic. There are different armors and you can fight with different enemies and conquer their land. It is a very huge game. There are basic activities also like fishing.  The game official change log is below that gives you details about the patch. Here you can see there are around 800 items introduced which can be discovered in the game. The update will roll out for free on June 30 for Mac and Linux the update will come next month.

Checkout Terraria Patch 1.3 Changelog from here and some of it below:

  • 800 new items to discover
  • Expert Mode, featuring increased challenge and new rewards
  • New Underground Desert biome
  • New Tax Collector NPC
  • More intelligent and reactive town NPCs
  • Steam cloud saving and achievements
  • Improved chat options and item linking
  • Improved inventory management and access to stored items while crafting
  • Minecart, mount, pet, and grappling hook slots
  • New, randomly triggered Slime Rain event
  • 6 new music tracks
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