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Temtem – new and awesome Pokémon alternative on PC!

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There is no question that Pokémon is a legendary Nintendo franchise that’s been running for more than two decades at this point. By the end of January 2020, the latest installments in the series are Pokémon Sword & Shield games. It’s a massive brand that expands throughout different media. However, PC is not among them. Aside from few fan-made projects like the browser-based Pokémon Indigo (UnovaRPG) or Pokémon Uranium, PC gamers couldn’t enjoy a well-made monster-collecting game…

That is until now! Temtem is a new, quickly growing MMO game of precisely this kind, and best of all – it’s available on Steam! It’s time to put those Steam gift card funds to good use as Temtem is not as expensive compared to some of the latest triple-A titles. Here’s what you can expect as you load up the game.

The World of Temtem

Just like the title of the infamous Pokémon franchise, the name of the game – Temtem – refers to collectible creatures the game circles around. These monsters can be captured, battled, traded, trained, leveled up and all of it will be very familiar to fans of franchises like Pokémon or Yu-Gi-Oh. It will be familiar to the latter in such regard that players will use trading card-like devices to capture or summon their Temtem.

As for the players themselves, they will assume the role of Temtem tamers. Each tamer can be customized according to the player’s liking, selecting between different gender, clothing, and hairstyle options, among others. The game is experienced from over the top perspective, with the camera looking down on 3D models of characters, Temtem, and environments.

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The game takes place on a fictional setting known as Airborne Archipelago – a name that refers to a group of islands floating in the sky, in a similar way as Hallelujah Mountains from James Cameron’s 2009 blockbuster movie Avatar. As of yet, Airborne Archipelago is inhabited by the following 12 types of Temtem: fire, water; earth; wind; nature; electric; digital; neutral; mental; crystal; melee and toxic. This variety is sure to create distinct playstyles among the player base as the game goes on since different types of Temtem have different strengths and weaknesses.

Is Temtem merely a Pokémon clone?

From first glance, it might seem that Temtem is just a Pokémon clone but there are things to consider before arriving at such a conclusion. Yes, the two universes share a lot of similarities: collectable monsters, humans who control them, Temtem game even has 8 dojo leaders analogous to  Pokémon gym leaders and the single-player quests follow a story of a fight against Clan Belsoto – an evil organization akin to factions like Team Rocket from Pokémon. However, Temtem does have ambitious aims that set it apart and provide its originality.

First of all, Temtem is an MMO and a quite competitive one at that. Sure, there are quests for lone wolves out there, but the game encourages interaction with other players and the formation of squads. You can participate in quests with your friends or meet new acquaintances – the world of Temtem is full of life and is quickly expanding. There is an abundance of players around at all times, each of them accompanied by their Temtem. PvP battles are not a child’s play as they require skill and attention through strategic micromanagement of potions and stamina system.

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The presentation and art style of Temtem is also unique. While it has characteristic elements of Japanese anime, pretty much like Pokémon, it still feels quite different. The way characters move, the manner in which they are animated is also reminiscent of western animation style like the one seen in Disney films. The Airborne Archipelago is also a fictional location that has no comparison to Pokémon. It includes different environments to represent different climate zones and even a dimension of verticality seldom seen in Pokémon games. Therefore, Temtem is far from being just a lazy Pokémon clone. Rather, Temtem expands and elaborates upon the foundations set by Pokémon, fixes its mistakes, and best of all – brings the experience to PC!

Be one of the first to join the growing new game!

Temtem is expanding rapidly after its release on January 21st, 2020 and has become a hit top-seller on Steam. You can get the game cheaper through purchasing a key code on the Eneba game store, and since this is an MMO – you can also grab a cheap Steam gift card for your friend with the intention of joining you in this awesome new monster-collecting adventure!