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Telltale’s Marvel game is based on Guardians of the Galaxy

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As you know, Telltale Games is currently working on a new series produced in collaboration with Marvel, at the time, however, the company did not disclose further details. According to some rumors, however, they would be thinking of a series focusing on the franchise of Guardians of the Galaxy.


According to some information revealed, the next title of Telltale will be a collaboration with the Marvel brand that will be based on the popular franchise of Guardians of the Galaxy.

Recently, the title of this new Marvel game of Telltale (Guardians Of The Galaxy – The Video game aka Blue Harvest) was spotted online and it seems to be definitely temporary, although the first trailer of the game could be shown during The Game Awards on December 1. The output would instead be scheduled for 2017, in conjunction with the second film dedicated to the Guardians of the Galaxy.

The rumor comes from the American union of voice actors (SAG-AFTRA), which published a list of games that will be unaffected by the strike currently underway. Among these there is also the ever announced “Guardians Of The Galaxy The Video Game aka Blue Harvest”, whose dubbing is apparently maintained by O’Farrel Enterprises LLC, the same company working on The Walking Dead Season 3.

Will Guardians Of The Galaxy The Video Game aka Blue Harvest be therefore the title of the new adventure from Telltale Games? There are no official certainties about it, however, we invite you to take the news as a simple rumor, waiting for confirmation or either denial.

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