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How to tell stories that win the hearts of people?

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In the present time, storytellers are surfing for the best way to win the hearts of people. In this context, people search for what is narrative writing! When you get the answer, you get to know about a real storytelling method. Do you love listening to stories? Have you ever feel bored when listening to someone’s story? Or do you want to become a storyteller with the best ideas and tips to win the hearts of people?

It may be possible that the story you’ve listened to holds the best ingredient, but the cooking method went wrong. Or it may be the anecdote that kept you thrilled in the story even when told in a boring way.

hearts of people

Whenever a person describes or recites a story, he or she makes use of different elements to spice up the story or even present in the most interesting way to the audience. Sometimes, even boring stories with no meat become interesting because of the storyteller through the heart-touching stories may become boring if it is not recited in a good way.

Do you need help in telling your stories with the best way to win the hearts of people the hearts of the audience? If so, then check out some tips which can help you cook your story best.

Always use a message to begin.

message to begin.

In the beginning, start your storytelling time by addressing to the audience first. It can be like – who are all under my audience today? Firstly, start with a brief intro, which will be a warm welcome for the audience. Don’t start reciting your story like you used to sing a poem in front of the guests in your childhood. Many times, people think that storytelling is an art, and one needs to join some agency or help to learn about storytelling skills. Though it is not such a difficult thing. You just need to consider a few things for beginning your storytelling time. A message can be a pop-up at the beginning of your message. Let it be any message which links with your story. It can be any social message or ethical message which you want to convey to the audience through your story.

Discuss your experiences

Discuss your experiences

The best quality of a storyteller is about discussing the message or things according to their past experiences in life. It can be an idea that popped up in your mind when you experienced a certain event. Or what do you want to share with the audience through your story can be portrayed in your experience! You can recall your past time when all the struggles and challenges made you burned with it. What was the turning point which changed your life and your success? Is it a bad experience that made you fired to work hard for success? What made you feel like your life is not good, and you need to change it? All these things can be helpful for a storyteller when discussing his or her story in front of the audience.

Focus on narrative text

Being a storyteller, you would like to make your audience entertained with what you speak with them! Correct? If so, then one should know how it can be possible? It’s the narrative text which becomes a good partner of your storytelling event to engage the audience. Stories are not just a piece of information that you speak in front of the audience. It is the way to express your experiences in a manner that becomes useful to the audience. To attract the audience and make them interested in your story, one needs to learn how to make the best use of narrative text when writing a story for the readers. This is the reason why the narrative text is important.

Use visual metaphors in your story.

metaphors in your story

It is a fact that what we see is what we remember at last. So, why not take this idea into your storytelling event and win the audience’s applause. If your memory gets filled with a visual metaphor, then the listeners would remember it for long. If anyone from your audience remembers your story, then it is your success as a storyteller. In such a story, it helps present your story clearly to the audience. It makes the audience feel your story and get thrilled to hear ahead. What’s better than an engaging audience for a storyteller? Well, this shows your successful chance of storytelling.

Let your story be a hero and not you.

You’re not discussing a film script with the actor or actress. It is your story which you’re going to share with the people in the outside world. Why make yourself a hero in it? If you just want to show off about your luxurious cars or lifestyle, then don’t discuss it as a story. Don’t focus all the attention on you in your story. Make yourself a fictional character and discuss the message of your story. In this way, you can become a successful storyteller.

With the help of all these keys to your storytelling success, you can win the hearts of your audience.