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Tekken X Street Fighter available soon for download in the coming years

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Tekken X Street Fighter might appear in the end of this year or may be next year. The game is back in the news. It was revealed by Katsuhiro Harada in an interview by Siliconera. He had not told much about the game release, but according to him the game is in the development. Yet there is no clear trailer or any news about the release or any other stuff. We thought that the game is lost back in time and a new version for the same is a dream. If you checkout the game release date then as per few sources it would come in the year 2016. And as per the game developer it is in the development stage. The older Tekken games series is also impressive. It is a pure fighting game that lets you to test your skills at max level. But if you checkout all the series then you will find that very few games are released on consoles and PC.

Street Fighter and Tekken Game Pics
Street Fighter and Tekken Game Pics

The game developer is interested more towards Arcade. But as we had seen earlier a rapid growth in 3D game, mostly of the Tekken series, are remade and published on console. Tekken X Street Fighter is expected to be coming on PC and console both. It won’t be limited to a specific platform only. We are actually waiting for a game trailer at least that can put some light on how it is going to look. I hope this time there would be better competition among different opponent. Till yet if we see the game list then Mortal Kombat X is one of the best fighting game.

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