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Hold of the market – Technologies trying

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 Ionization, ultraviolet rays, ozonation are some of the technologies that are promoted for the disinfection of spaces.  It seems that the Pandora box opened.  Now they all sell magic solutions for the sanitization and disinfection of spaces,” observed María Visa, CEO, and co-founder of the company MTS Tech.  That guarantee hygiene and environmental sterilization to regain the trust of customers. When they are in a closed space and with a significant concentration of people, worth the case of a hospital, but also that of public transport, a hotel or a disco, according to Entrepreneurs, in this article, I’ll give information about how Technology trying to hold off the market.    


The contagion can occur by touching contaminated surfaces.


According to the WHO, the SARS-CoV-2 virus, which causes COVID-19 infections, is transmitting mainly through two routes. They are:  by inhaling contaminated small drops of liquid. Second expelling by an infected person who found to the distance of about a meter, through coughing, sneezing, etc. It is through contact with surfaces where the virus can remain viable and that contaminated with these small liquid particles. The contagion can occur by touching contaminated surfaces or objects and then touching your eyes, nose, or mouth. Added to the complexity of this virus is the fact that the time it remains active in the environment is not known, nor open and closed, although some point to higher survival in restricted spaces. Therefore, this application technique that advertised in the so-called disinfecting tunnels in no way. Therefore It used on people.


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hold of the market


Therefore A later note from the Ministry warned of the absence of any virucidal product authorized for use by misting people. To mitigate its effects, numerous solutions have emerged on the market. The most common and useful for surface cleaning is bleach and other virulent products for disinfecting surfaces. A list of virucides and biocides authorized in Spain for having demonstrated efficacy against the virus. Therefore The risk they entail is that of possible intoxication for the personnel who manage it here, which, on many occasions, recommends its use by specialized professional staff.


Final Conclusion 


Therefore The improper use of biocides introduces a double risk, possible damage to human health.  It is giving a false sense of security.” Now you can understand how Technology tries to hold off the market.