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Report: Team Ninja Could Announce Dead or Alive 6 This Weekend

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Dead Or Alive 5, originally released in 2012, has managed to maintain its popularity thanks to the downloadable content. Once its last pack has been released, Team Ninja is expected to reveal the next installment of the saga, and it could be announced in this same weekend.

Through a Twitter message, the studio has mentioned the grand finale of Battle Royal 2017 that will take place this weekend at NEC18. The interesting part of the message is the request that we can see when the tournament ends.

“Good luck to all the fighters that will be attending our Battle Royal 2017 Grand Finals event at NEC18. Make sure to stick around until the finals are over. There will be an announcement once the prizes are given to the champions on Dec. 17th. Stream info will be posted soon,” Team Ninja said on Twitter.

Although there is no specific mention of Dead or Alive, the image that accompanies the text includes the message “I’m a fighter” that was used in the promotion of Dead or Alive 5.

Dead or Alive is a series of fighting games that has a large number of followers and has left great titles over the years, being Dead or Alive 5 the last of them, a title that went on the market in 2012 and that has managed to stay active with many downloadable content that have been arriving over the years.

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