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Team Gotham’s first person puzzle game, The Guest download available on Steam March 10

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505 Games has revealed the release date for The Guest; from rookie studio, Team Gotham, this moody and stylish first person exploration experience will open its doors on March 10th.

The Guest Game Screenshot

The thrilling and mysterious tale will be available on Steam for $9.99. The Guest begins when you check in to the rundown Oakwood hotel as Dr. Evgueni Leonov, an old Russian scientist who plans on making the Oakwood his new residence for a few days. However, things are not as they seem when Dr. Leonov discovers that he is being held captive in his room. His only escape is to solve riddles and work through complex puzzles in order to discover the identity of his captor and their motives. All of the pieces and players are hidden in plain view; it’s up to the player to decipher the clues!

Immersive storytelling
As you delve deeper into The Guest, you begin to unravel the enigma behind Dr. Evgueni Leonov’s backstory which makes you wonder if all is really what it seems. The layers of mystery and intrigue in the narrative make The Guest a unique and compelling experience.

Evocative Environment
Set against the distinctive backdrop of the 80’s in a dilapidated and eerie building, ‘The Guest’ draws players in with its foreboding and mysterious atmosphere.

Challenging Gameplay Experience
A combination of classic adventure gameplay mechanics and challenging puzzles with a multifaceted narrative to tie it all together ensures that players will be captive to The Guest’s engaging plot.

The Guest will be released digitally on March 10th on Steam, but you can have a sneak peek at