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Tangle Tower Now Available on Nintendo Switch and Steam

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SFB Games has announced that its detective title Tangle Tower is now available on Nintendo Switch and Steam.

Check the overview of the game below, via Nintendo:

Freya Fellow has been murdered. The lead suspect? A shadowy figure found looming over her body, wielding a knife. The problem? That suspect… is just a painting.

Investigate the entirety of Tangle Tower, from the bizarre and eerie gardens, to the cold and ominous crime scene at the very top.

Will you be able to uncover the secrets of Tangle Tower?

• A fully voiced and animated cast of characters
• Atmospheric original orchestral soundtrack
• Beautiful digitally painted environments to explore

For the occasion, a new trailer was released that you can see below.

Explore the digitally painted world of the game, created by the same brilliant creative team as Detective Grimoire, Haunt the House and Snipperclips, and discover a cast full of wacky characters, all dubbed out.

The title can be purchased for €16.79, with a 20% discount valid until October 28th.