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Tales of Arise: Trailer, Release Date, Gameplay and Platforms for the Game!

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Tales of Arise is an upcoming next-generation game, and it is twenty years old. Bandai Namco Entertainment is the developer and publisher of the game.

The theme of this game is ” inheritance and evolution.” It means that natural systems and updates and creators said the Tales of Arise would be interesting and innovative that would appeal to the audience.

Trailer of Tales of Arise

Ton the Tokyo game show event 2019, the trailer of the game was shown. Here you can watch the trailer, and you can see that Alphen pulls the sword from Shionne’s chest and he feels no pain.

The sword is very special because it can burn the hand of anyone who touches it. Moreover, Shionne has the ability to balance this thorn curse that causes pain who touches.

At the of the trailer, you can watch the third character name fainted. This star will actually excite the audience about the original game series. After that, the show ends with the words ” Now it is the time for a change.”


There are two main protagonists one is Iron mask man named Alphen and another one pink-haired woman with greater bandoliers named who called shine.

Alphen is a playable character and slave form stunted planet called Dahna. Shionne is cursed by Thorns; therefore, pain happens who touches her.

Release Date of Tales of Arise

As you have watched the trailer that also releases at the Tokyo Game show 2019. The audience is waiting for this new game, so this new game will release in 2020.

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the game will be available on three platforms such as Xbox One, Playstation 4 and Microsoft Windows.

For further details of the game stay connected with usupdates.

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