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Tales of Arise New Bandai Namco Game Leaked

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Since 2018, it is known that Bandai Namco is working on a new release of its Tales of franchise, the first since the release of Tales of Berseria in 2016. After 3 years of development, the distributor could be ready to show the new game in E3 2019, because some images and a lot of information that could be related to it have just been filtered. The name of this new title would be Tales of Arise.

According to a report by GameInformer, users of the 4chan forums went through the Bandai Namco site and found 2 screenshots of a game still to be announced. In the first, you see a character with a bright red sword, a very large meadow and a village in the distance. In the second, the character is fighting with a four-legged monster. According to the information, in the metadata of the archives, there are references to a title called Tales of Arise.

After the screenshots went viral on Twitter, Daniel Ahmad (@ZhugeEX), an analyst at Niko Partners, supplemented the information with another image that would be the official logo of Tales of Arise. Check it below:

ZhugeEX commented on a related thread in the ResetEra forums and ensured that the game will be released for PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC.

Sabi, a video game news editor, published on Twitter many more details about Tales of Arise. The story would take place in a universe in which the people of the planet Rena control the inhabitants of the planet Dahna, taking away their resources and becoming slaves. The story would begin “with 2 people, born in different worlds, each one looking to change their destiny and create a new future.” Tales of Arise would be an action RPG with an updated battle system, although it would maintain the essence of the classics of Tales of. Also, it would have incredible graphics and animations created with the Unreal Engine 4. If you are interested, you can read the full thread below:

At the moment there is no more information about Tales of Arise, so all this must be taken as mere speculation. However, users on social networks were moved by a possible imminent disclosure, because there seem to be too many details leaked to make it all a joke. For the moment, there is nothing to do but wait for an official declaration from Bandai Namco.

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