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E3 2019: Tales of Arise Confirmed to Release in 2020 on PS4 and Xbox One

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The last episode of one of the most famous jRPG sagas of all time was revealed during the Xbox conference at the famous Los Angeles festival currently underway. We are indeed talking about Tales of Arise, belonging to the legendary series Tales of.

As you may recall, the title was leaked just yesterday and now we finally have an official confirmation of its existence. A particularly striking feature of the reveal is the great graphics quality for the famous series. Tales of Arise will be released next year, in the course of 2020. Unfortunately, there is neither a period nor a definitive launch date.

A brief synopsis of the plot also appeared. The title will be set on two different planets: Dahna and Rena. The second in particular has ruled over the first for the last 300 years, robbing the planet of resources and the inhabitants of dignity. The stories narrated will begin with two heroes, coming from the two different worlds, who will try to change their destiny and create a new and better future. A plot that looks classic but that will probably give great surprises: after all, the titles of the Tales of saga are famous also and above all for the epic adventures told.

What do you think of Tales of Arise, has the title of Bandai Namco captured your interest? Are you happy that the title of Bandai Namco will also be released on Xbox One? Let us know about your opinions about it in the comments below.