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Takahisa Taura Would Like to Make Astral Chain Sequel or More Entries

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Astral Chain debuted in a great way and immediately obtained recognition from critics and everything indicating that it does well in the most important markets. Obviously, this has led to thinking of a sequel and even a series that covers an entire trilogy, as some rumors have indicated. Recently, Takahisa Taura, director, and architect of this Switch exclusive, spoke about it.

During an interview with BunnyGaming, Takahisa Taura, director of Astral Chain, was questioned about a possible sequel given the good reception that the title had at a critical and sales level, in addition to being reminded that on occasion, he mentioned that if the game sold well, there would be a second installment.

In that sense, the creative said that at this time they are attentive to what happens with Astral Chain and they don’t think of a sequel: “I can only say that the idea of a sequel at this point is something I am unsure of and I do not have the current sales figure right now. But I will be very happy if the game is well received and sells well!”

However, the creative acknowledged that if there is an opportunity to make a sequel and the conditions are appropriate, they will be encouraged to do so. “The trilogy remark was actually a mistranslation from a previous interview. I actually meant to say that I do have a lot of ideas at my disposal and if there’s an opportunity to make a sequel or more entries, I’d be able to do so,” Taura said.

On the other hand, Taura referred to the accessibility that Astral Chain has at the beginning in terms of difficulty, something that generated some divided opinions, especially for the level that PlatinumGames usually manages in its action games: “Well actually, I didn’t intend for Astral Chain to be beginners friendly. As a matter of fact, I was aiming for the opposite of that. But I am happy if they (beginners) found the game approachable,” he concluded.

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Astral Chain is available now on Nintendo Switch.

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