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Destiny 2 Guide: How To Get Lumina Exotic

Here's a guide on how to get Lumina in Destiny 2, one of the most incredible exotic guns in the game. This month of July brings us new content for the title of Bungie, and one of them is very, very interesting. It is the arrival of…

Dauntless Guide: How to Farm Orbs

Let's see where and how to find the Orbs we need to better enhance our equipment in Dauntless. To create the best equipment in Dauntless you'll have to get your hands on some Orbs, but how and where can you recover them? There are two…

Resident Evil 2: All Safe Combinations Guide

After explaining how to open the Ammo Lockers, in this Resident Evil 2 mini-guide we will provide you with all the combinations required to open Safe and Desk Combinations during the adventure. Leon's Desk:Players will come across

Resident Evil 2: Using Herb Recipe Guide

As seen in the original game, even in the Resident Evil 2 remake you will have to use all the resources at your disposal to survive the zombie apocalypse. In this mini-guide we will talk about using Herbs, explaining what they are for and