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E3 2020 Dates Confirmed: What to Expect

E3 2019 is not yet finished, but as always we are passionate about the future and we are eager to know everything when we can have it. Fortunately, the Electronic Entertainment Expo organizer revealed when we could attend the next E3 2020…

E3 2019: Top 10 Games We Would Like to See

For those who love video games, the month of June is historically a magical month because of E3. In the Electronic Entertainment Expo event, known to all as E3, we have seen some of the consoles that have made history, such as PlayStation,…

E3 2018 Official Floor Plan Detailed

It is just over 1 month before E3 2018 starts, so the community of players is more than excited to know the surprises that will appear in the important event. The official plans of the event were revealed recently; however, they did not…