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PS4 Firmware Update

PS4 Firmware Update 5.55 Available Now

Sony continues to support PlayStation 4, so it has just released a new system update. As on previous occasions, we remind you that it is important to download the new version, as it is essential to continue using some functions of PS4.…

PS4 Firmware Update 5.53-01 Available Now

The next time you turn on your PS4 you will get a surprise since you will be notified that a new firmware update is ready for download. That said, the best thing is that you do not have to expect much from it. The firmware update 5.53-01…

PS4 Firmware Update 5.50 Officially Detailed

Sony is currently working on the PS4 firmware update 5.50. According to reports, we recently learned that this update will include the supersampling mode for PlayStation 4 Pro. However, the update will also have some new features. If you…