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Demon’s Souls Rated Again By The ESRB

It's been a long time since many want a remake of Demon's Souls for PlayStation 4 and cyclically we tell you that the rights of the brand have been renewed or that, as in this case, a new rating of the game has arrived from the ESRB at the…

Square Enix will launch the first Nier for PS3

NieR: Automata proved to be a success for Platinum Games and Square Enix, as the title already has more than 1 million copies distributed. However, it is possible that many have missed the original game, so the company put it on sale again…

FIFA 17 demo release date confirmed

Although they have not yet released all the details concerning the trial, EA Sports announced the release date of the demo of FIFA 17, which will be arriving from Tuesday 13th of September. The producer of the game, Garreth Reeder,…