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Attack on Titan Multiplayer Mode Unveiled

Yesterday we could see some new videos of Attack on Titan, and now Koei Tecmo revealed more details about the multiplayer online cooperative mode where four players can join together to eliminate Titans. The game based on the most…

Berserk Musou First Trailer Released

Called simply as Berserk Warriors in Japanese, but without a definitive title for the European version, the new Berserk game is at least clearly the genre of Musou, like those good old Dynasty Warrior. Koei Tecmo has released the first…

Watch Dogs 2 will have 5 pre-order editions

Like other launches of Ubisoft, Watch Dogs 2, the sequel to the game of hacking and open world which debuted in 2014, will have five collectible editions. According to information released by Ubisoft in a press release, fans of the…