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Outlast 2 could be banned in Australia

Outlast 2, the survival horror developed by Red Barrels, could be banned in Australia, due to the implicit se*ual violence of the title. The story begins with the Australian Classification Board, regulator of video games, films among…

Outlast 2 Support for PS4 Pro Confirmed

After having confirmed that Outlast 2 will not support Playstation VR, Red Barrels today announced the microphones of PlayStation LifeStyle website that, nevertheless, the new installment of the series will take advantage of the extra power…

Outlast 2 Postponed to Early 2017 Release

Outlast 2 will not come this fall, as it was announced. Red Barrels has confirmed that the game is now scheduled for the first quarter of 2017. The developer Red Barrels, has posted on its official Facebook page that it will delay the…