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Harry Potter Wizards Unite Potions Guide

In Harry Potter Wizards Unite you will also be called upon to produce Potions. If you missed Professor Snape's lessons (which we remember being one of the few teachers to keep his course in almost all films) to give you Defense against the…

Fortnite on Android Available for Everyone Now

Do you have an Android device and you're dying to play Fortnite? We have a news that will make your day happy: you do not have to wait any longer to do it! This is possible thanks to the fact that as of today it stopped being an exclusive…

Fortnite for iOS Has Generated $300 Million

Fortnite: Battle Royale is one of the most successful games of recent years. As you can imagine, this means that it has left millions of profits to Epic Games. While there is no figure that tells us how much all versions have generated…