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Microsoft Reportedly Wanted To Bring Halo on PS4

Apparently, in fact, Microsoft would have seriously thought of bringing one of its flagship sagas on PlayStation 4, the direct competitor of the Xbox One console. The title in question, among other things, is also one of the most iconic of…

Head of Halo studio leaves 343 Industries

Today, Josh Holmes, the head of the studio of Halo franchise, announced that at the end of November, he will depart from 343 Industries after 7 years, and will begin a new adventure in the world of independent development. "I have loved…

Halo game for PC made by Fans

Some supporters of the Halo series tinker on a project called "Installation 01", which will bring the multiplayer mode of the current parts of Halo series on our PC. This would make it possible to PC gamers, for the first time since Halo 2,…