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GTA 5 Redux Mod download available now

The famous ultra-realistic mod, Redux, for GTA V has just arrived as we learn from its launch trailer, as well as a note that summarizes what the mod has to offer in the latest title from Rockstar Games. The Grand Theft Auto series has…

GTA V to get Story-Based DLC: Rumor

Since its release in 2013 on gaming consoles, GTA V has benefited from many contents, all geared towards the online game mode. An upcoming DLC, however, could focus on the single player portion of the title. Compared to its debut, GTA…

GTA 5 Redux Mod available soon

The creator of the mod The Pinnacle of V for GTA V on PC announced the start of the marketing of GTA 5 Redux, a mod that promises to be the most impressive on the visual plan. First trailer was also aired that can be viewed at the end of…