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Battlefield 1 Shock Operations Coming in June

Although the DICE team in charge of the Battlefield series is already working on the next installment, the support for Battlefield 1 remains and there is still much to enjoy as in the next few months maps belonging to its first DLC and a…

Battlefield 1 File Size Revealed for Xbox One

Battlefield 1 will arrive next month, but a user of reddit could now download the game, and revealed how much the title will weigh on Xbox One. According to Theorry, this title will occupy 42.6 GB of space on the hard drive of the Xbox…

Battlefield 1 All Maps and Modes Revealed

Electronic Arts has unveiled all the maps and game modes with which when Battlefield 1 will go on sale in next month on October 21 on PC, Xbox One and PlayStation 4, will also offer a detailed description of each of these contents. Now…