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System Shock 3 officially announced by OtherSide Entertainment

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After many rumors and teasings, Otherside Entertainment formalizes the development of System Shock 3, 16 years after System Shock 2.

It took several weeks after the discovery of the first clues on the canvas from Otherside Entertainment that decided to formalize the development of System Shock 3 with not less than 16 years after the release of its predecessor, cult game from Ken Levine (BioShock).

System Shock 3 Teaser Pics
System Shock 3 Teaser Pics

At present it is difficult to have the genuine details about the project because it is limited to the establishment of a teaser website that invites us to fill in a questionnaire at SurveyMonkey website here. Among the questions suggested, players are requested for one of their favorite platform with the opportunity to respond PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.

Everything seems to indicate that both consoles are likely to host the title when it was released in addition to a conventional PC version. A second question also refers to the VR technology which is breathtaking to the fans of technology.

Participants in the survey will have the opportunity to win one of sixteen limited SHODAN Prints from the Series concept by artist Robb Waters. He is an industry veteran who has worked at the Looking Glass Studios and Irrational Games.

Otherside Entertainment seems to be responsible for the development of System Shock 3, while Night Dive Studios LLC holds the rights to the brand.