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System Shock 3 is getting a Third Sequel

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Things are moving toward the System Shock license, since we learn that the Otherside Entertainment studio is preparing the announcement of a third installment of the cyberpunk license based on RPG and FPS mixed.

Born in 1994, the license System Shock was the inspiration for the latest licenses such as BioShock or Deus Ex. The series of Looking Glass Studios offers a more immersive cyberpunk atmosphere and a hybrid gameplay mixed with a FPS view and more oriented towards a RPG grip.

System Shock 3 Announcement
System Shock 3 Announcement

After a second part released in 1999 developed jointly with Irrational Games, the series has fallen into oblivion. Night Dive Studios recently acquired the operating franchise rights and is preparing a remake of the first episode, providing an updated handling.

Meanwhile, we learn that the small studio Otherside Entertainment is a priori working on the unexpected System Shock 3 license. To position, know that Paul Neurath, founder of the company, was also the co-founder of Looking Glass Studios and had contributed to the design of the franchise.

The official website of Otherside list a countdown for an announcement, but a member of the RPG Codex forums found the announcement at this link, clearly revealing a third System Shock.

The question is how this game will be funded, given that the small studio is currently working on Underworld Ascendant, which benefited from a crowdfunding campaign on Kickstarter.