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Sword Coast Legends with pre-order DLC download available for PC, Mac and Linux on September 29 2015

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Sword Coast Legends is releasing on September 29th, 2015 on different platforms like PC, Mac and Linux. The game is going to have a lot of impressive content for the players. It is a vast game that will be coming up with a pre-order DLC also.

Sword Coast Legends Screenshot
Sword Coast Legends Screenshot

Sword Coast Legends will be getting three new packs in the form of DLC. The first one is Digital Pre-order Pack that costs around $34.99. Then there is a Digital Deluxe Edition that costs around $59.99 and a Limited Edition Pre-order Pack that costs around $239.99. Each of this pack offers you few extra things if you go with the same. Like if you go with the Digital Deluxe Edition then it comes with a Dawn Clock, Armor and Weapon, Tile set, etc.

The Collector’s edition offers you a forum badge, Design Council Access, Headstart Access, Cloth Map, etc. This all are under Solo edition. Under Campaign there are two packs; one is Digital Deluxe Edition Campaign that costs around $149.99 and the other is Limited Edition Collector Campaign that costs around $349.99.

Game Description:

Set in the lush and vibrant world of the Forgotten Realms, Sword Coast Legends offers an all-new way to enjoy the time-tested magic of playing Dungeons & Dragons as a shared storytelling experience. With a deep narrative developed by a team of long-time industry veterans and a partnership with Wizards of the Coast, the single player campaign of Sword Coast Legends brings the world of Faerûn home like never before.

Checkout the video below for more details: